Mindfulness has a new voice.

Vanessa Linsey (formerly Vanessa Gobes) coaches people through life’s darkest moments with humor and humility, demonstrating that even the worst challenges can be viable paths to healing, insight and joy when approached with introspection and curiosity. Her recent talk “Unstuck” -- a story-filled how-to on using moon phases to break bad habits -- is being met with terrific enthusiasm.

As an educational consultant for public schools, workshop leader, and prolific insight blogger (2010-2016), Vanessa introduced thousands of children and adults to secular meditation. As co-founder of Chrysalis Meditation Center in 2015, her teachings expanded beyond mindfulness, exploring ways people can access deeper connection to spirit through peace practices, self care, and healthy relationships. 

In her workshops, talks, and retreats, Vanessa weaves cosmic ideas with modern mental health techniques that inspire joy and hope. As a Marconics practitioner, she assists lightworkers in their personal ascension by preparing the body for higher self integration.

Vanessa is author of the upcoming prescriptive memoir Metta Mom: A Mindful Guide to Managing Your Mood & Your Brood and is now launching a tech start-up that serves peace seekers around the globe. She has a degree in broadcast journalism and is a certified mindful mother of four who can be found at home in New England telling Alexa to play songs by Bonnie Rait and crushing her children at Mario Cart.

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